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The Kazuma Race board was built to win. To be fast, you can't make mistakes and boards that are difficult to ride end up being the slow. The kazuma 12'6" and big brother 14'0" are the product of years of board development in the worlds best Race board test environment. Maui, Hawaii. Starting with Kazuma's award winning Maliko downwinder board, the board that is known to be ultra stable in the roughest conditions, Matt fine tuned the rocker for the less extreme conditions that you find almost anywhere else in the world. Kazuma then fine tuned the outline with a special curve that allows the water to smoothly flow around the entry and exit with practically no drag and much less rail to rail roll. The double concave bottom has the stability of boards much wider and gives you that extra needed directional stability with more of your paddling translating into forward projection. The Kazuma double concave bottom also tracks so straight that you need much less alternating paddle strokes to keep you going straight which will ultimately let you win races.
Kazuma is known throughout the surfing and SUP world as a master shaper with some of the most refined board designs anywhere in the world. This perfecting standard can only be reproduced on way, CNC machine the EPS foam core with a hand laminated full carbon lamination. No molded or production board can achieve the detail and levels of accuracy that a hand laminated board has and the strength to weight ratio of the exotic carbon is always perfect. All Kazuma Race boards are built this way so that you can have the best board that money can buy.

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