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The Tanto project that I have been working on with my son Chaz has been one of the most exciting design projects of my shaping career.
Typical surfboard shapes and designs have specific limitations in rocker, thickness combinations and flow that determine the "standard" look that you typically see. The usual surfboard design process starts with the outline, then rocker, then foil, then rails which creates specific limitations. On the Tanto, I was able to design the most important part first, the rocker/rail flow which is 75 percent of your performance. Without the limitation of a "standard" outline, I am able to get the best of both worlds, ultra high efficiency with a lower volume ride and feel.
The Tanto has a very high rocker on the rail line combined with an aggressive, quick changing rail thickness flow and shape that gives you the performance of boards 15 to 20 Liters smaller.
After the performance was designed in, I could easily design back the stability and paddle power needed with this "anything possible" outline. The wide tail and nose blocks gives you incredible stability and paddle power and will easily feel like a board 10 to 20 L larger. More than just the Tanto's unique looks, the way Kazuma's "thinking out of the box" design features interact are what makes this board something special. Function over looks for a board that changes the way we ride waves.

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